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XE clients on Win2k/Citrix


Is there anyone running XE with multiple environments on Win2k/Citrix clients?
If so, did you run into any special setup issues?

We gave it a shot a while ago and ran into problems with spec file locks and
file caching, so we rolled back to what we knew worked - NT 4/Citrix 1.8

We want to try again because of the limited remaining life of NT, but there is
no easy way to reliably load test in production


XE SP13, Win2k, Oracle 8.1.7

Steve Lehner
Sr. Systems Analyst
Global Information Systems
email: slehner@westcon.com
phone: 914 829 7457


Reputable Poster
Steve :

I'm running Xe SP 15.1 with multiple environments on Win2K/Citrix
and haven't had (yet) these troubles.
If I were you, would update to a higher Xe Service Pack such as 15.1

Sebastian Sajaroff