Work order roll-up


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I am curious as to how other companies look at the rolled up actual cost of a manufactured item. We are building some custom reporting, but it is really complex and didnt know if there was a better way.

The main issue is how JDE rolls up the cost of a sub item and it appears as a material cost when issued into a parent work order (not the labor, overhead, etc buckets).

So when I try to look at the total labor or overhead it took to produce my end item, the labor found on the sub levels is masked in material costs.

In the end, I need a report that says to produce finished good x, taking into account all of the sub orders used to create it, we consumed this amount of material cost, labor cost, and overhead cost throughout then entire process. Not just at a single work order level.

It is frustrating that the standard cost roll-up has the buckets but i cannot get the same level of detail when looking at the actual work orders.

Has anyone else solved this issue or do i just have some setup wrong causing this problem?
In my current company we have solved this by two large modifications. The First is decomposition which runs after invoicing and before Sales update that takes the single SKU and breaks its into all the subsidiary SKU's via the BoM. This then sales updates as normal giving you the costs of the child SKU's. The second program then runs over the costs and by SKU looks at the posting to the cost accounts and writes a journal to remove each component and put that in another account. Thus everything is broken down as required. They are big modifications though :)
We are doing something similar but nothing changing in the GL. Just a reporting view change. Looking at the work orders, breaking them down, and rolling up.

But the take away is that, yeah, it is tough to look at the data this way.