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Windows 7 on EnterpriseOne Deployment server anyone?


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Hello List,

I was wondering if anyone was running their deployment server on Windows 7? And if so, has there been any issues? Also, I was wondering if anyone on EnterpriseOne V9.0.2 using MS SQL Express 2005 as local database has upgraded to TR 9.0.2.X and if there are any issues.

Thanks for any input!


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Your minimum technical requirements for the Deployment Server is a Microsoft Windows Server. Windows 7 isn't supported. I am presuming you're talking about a demonstration environment - and in that case, a deployment server on Windows 7 is a terrible idea, though it might work.


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Hello Jon,

Thanks for your post. I wouldn't normally consider running a production Deployment Server on a workstation OS, except I am trying to find an OS that is certified for TR 9.2.0 and supports MS SQL Server Express 2005 SP3. The MOS Certification for the Deployment Server OS does show Windows 7 from TR 9.1 forwards. TR 9.2 shows Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. Also, the certification doc id 2062671.1 also lists Windows 7 for the Deployment Server. We are looking to upgrade to TR as Oracle is putting V9.1.5.10 on sustaining support at the end of the year and the only Windows Server OS supported for TR V9.2.X is 2012, which is not listed by Microsoft for SQL Server 2005 Express SP3. We are running EnterpriseOne App V9.0.2 with SQL Server 2005 Express SP3 as the local database and Oracle doesn't support migrating to OEE on the same application release.
I have searched JDEList and MOS, but haven’t found anything relevant.
So, I am hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has experience with running an EnterpriseOne Deployment server on Windows 7.