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I am in the process of moving our enterprise from NT4/SQL7 to WIN2k and
SQL2k on my sandbox environment (totally isolated server farm which is a
direct copy of our production servers). I am not that familiar (yet) with
Win2k and how the terminal services run on it. Do the terminal services on
WIN2k provide for load-balancing? How do you run a program under WIN2k
terminal services? We are currently using NT4 with Citrix Metaframe 1.8, and
I am trying to see whether there will be a real need for Citrix on top of
Win2k when I migrate the sandbox.
Anyone with experience with terminal services under Win2k without Citrix
on top of it?


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The terminal services for Win2K do not provide any load balancing and also do not provide any kind of publishing ability.

The ICA protocol is a little cleaner and therefor better to use in a bandwidth challened WAN environment. The new RDP 5 is much better but still not equivalent to ICA.

To me if you have only one TS server then you probably aren't in need of Citrix. But if you have multiple servers then you will want to load balance and you won't want to manually setup all the clients so Citrix becomes a necessity just for maintenance if nothing else. Client printer mapping, client drive mapping and the like are nice benefits too if you use them.


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