E9.2 Why is my Obsolete part, Stocking Type O still allowed on SO's

Hi All,

Still very new to JDE, almost 18 months. Company is using JDE 9.2. I have some obsolete part numbers that are setup as Stocking Type O in item branch and item master. I found a p/n that I can see where it was allowed to be used on a SO. I thought if the part was marked as stocking type O, that it could not be used an either a PO or SO. What am I missing? Can it be just a simple setting that also needs to be set. Seems so simple. Any help would be great!
Was the item on the SO before the item was changed to obsolete? That is the most likely answer as P4210 (sales order entry) only looks/edits the item at order entry time, so the item was legitimate when it was added to the SO.