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Which programs update or read a field in JDE?


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The cross-reference function (Inquire on a field name in Data Dictionary,
then press F15) has a limitation. It shows all programs that access
characters 2 through 6 of a field name in ALL data files. It does not let
you specify the entire 6-character field name for the file in question.

You can determine which programs access ( update / read ) a field in a file
by querying F98003LC and searching for the field in question.

Example: To learn which programs read or update field ABLNGP in F0101,
query F98003LC as shown:

Select fields:

#3DTAN (field name in file)

#3UPD (Y'es, is updated, 'N'o, not updated)

#3PGM (Program accessing the field in file

I selected #3DTAN EQ 'ABLNGP'

This works for all JD Edwards files, so far as I know.


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If you have program P980014, will let you inquire on a data field name from
a file, as well as any of the other relationships for which F98003 contains
information. (Use * in the 'Type' field for a list of options.)

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The XREF function does let you look up the full 6 character field name. In
the name field enter the name (i.e. ABAN8); in the type field enter a 'D',
in the next field enter a 'P'. If your XREF files have been built deep
enough (the way they usually come from JDE) you should get a listing of
programs using the field. The far left column of the display shows the
update status (Y/N).

Also you can rebuild the XREF files to even greater depth if you wish.

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