W: Data Selections on programs


Hello there list.

We are on World A73. We have a program P42045 that we would like to all
users to see only one "address book" number. We were looking at the "data
selection" but that does not appear. The intent is to allow some of our
larger customers to be able to access JD Edwards data through an NT server
to the AS400. However we only want them to see their orders.

Has anyone setup this type of situation and if so how did you do this?

Thank you for your help.

Richard Brown
Project Leader, IS

30700 Rancho Viejo Road
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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G'Day Richard

The reason the data selection option is not appearing in the dreamwriter parameters is because this is an interactive program, not one submitted to batch.

It would be possible to change the <Based on File> for the dreamwriter from <*NONE> to the Sales Order Header File <F4201> and modify the calling CL program <J42045> to override the source data with the data selection.

You would then be able to create a version of this program,
for each customer, that would restrict them to viewing their own orders, based on a data selection of a single customer number.

As with any modifications to core JDE programs it is important that the jde guidelines for system mods be followed to lessen the impact they may have on you ability to upgrade (though in this case it is minor).

Be aware that this may affect the performance of the inquiry, but only testing could determine if the result would be satisfactory.

Hope this helps