Vocab Overrides


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Hi List,

i am new here, so HELLO everybody.

To start with a question:
We changed VO's on P4101 some weeks ago. After a while, user wanted these overrides system wide, so the DD was the right place to go. Since I did not knew what fields have been changed on that appl, I pressed button "Reset on Application" (or similar text) to restore the original JDE settings. After pressing that button, the text seemed to be funny. Two fields on the P4101 normally saying "Planner No" and "Buyer No." were saying now "Long Addressno". Also the alias is saying ALKY for both fields and i can not change that.

I think appl text is stored in DS System (Central Obj). So finally found table F98750 and imported the table from the day before. But still, the text is wrong within the Vocab Overrides application.

I would guess, that VO text is stored in F98750. But I am little nervous about, that I still have the funny "Long Addressno" and alias ALKY for both fields. Can somebody explain where the VO text is stored? Also is there a possibility to get the text for P4101 back? Perhaps checking out/get the appl helps. Will try this on Monday.


Xe Upd1, SP15, Intel NT4, Oracle 8.1.6