Visual Studio 6.0 Service Packs


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I got a brand (MPro IntelliStation) new Developer wkstn for the Xe! It came with Windows 2000.
The MSDN Universal Subscription was ordered (more than a month ago, through Microsoft's website, but the order wasn't processed, it had to be re-ordered by phone) and finally, back-ordered (out of stock), shipped and received yesterday; sorry for this long story, but people have the right to know what to expect when taking this road ...
I've installed:
1) Visio 2000 Ent, then
2) Visual Studio 6.0 Ent. English version, Disk 0214, January 2001
Knowing that the VStudio 6.0 SP3 has to be applied, I am trying to determine what SP is currently included in my VStudio release; my kit was accompanied by the SP4-CD only! Can anybody help?

3) Office 2000 Premium SR1
The same question related to MDAC 2.5 - does anybody know how can I tell what MDAC do I have?
I know MDAC 2.5 comes with Windows 2000, but, remember I've installed the Visio 2000 Enterprise (which installed the MSDE) and the Office 2000 Premium?

4) OneWorld Xe English Documentation &
5) Acrobat Reader 4.05

Thank you.
PS I've been searching the Archives 'cause I remember somebody was listing the SP-IDs for VC++6, with no positive result :( sorry Eric

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SP3 MDAC 2.5 and MDAC chaecker are all available from M$ website for
download. MDAC cheker reads versions of MDAC componentrs and then estimates
your version of MDAC.


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I have been using SP4 for VC++ and have found now problems at all. As for
MDAC if you check the drivers tab in the ODBC Control Panel Applet, you will
be able to compare these dll versions to the version of mdac_typ.exe



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Thank you everybody! With your help it seems I'm running the VStudio 6.0 SP3 and MDAC 2.5 SR1
I knew this is the best list of all! Eric, please don't ...

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806
SANDBOX: Xe SP15, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix