MS Visual Studio Service Packs


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Decided to start a new thread as this was getting off the original subject, but it is a continuation of the BSFN thread....

According to JD Edwards, minimum technical requirements for an NT workstation are Service Pack 3 for Visual Studio. MDAC 2.5 is a minimum as well. However! If you install SP 3 for Visual Studio, you will have MDAC 2.1 NOT 2.5. Just wanted to make sure anyone interested caught that. There are probably a number of sources for MDAC 2.5, I got mine from the Visual Studio SP 5 download. Still not sure what problems would as a result of going to SP 5, as I stated, my CNC guy and a consultant helping us with the Xe upgrade both warned of known issues with SP 5 for Visual Studio. Anyone know what those issues are?

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