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Visual Assist on Headerless W/ QBE


The visual assist in the grid of a headerless form seems to work fine for both the grid cell and QBE as long as the Search/Select form is attached to the DD item. However, when the default VA is suppressed and an interconnect is used for the Search/Select, there seems to be no way to distinguish the QBE from the grid cells. So, one can map the parms from/to the QBE (QC) or the cells (GC) but not either based on which VA was pressed (QBE vs. Cell). If the GC is mapped then the VA in the QBE sends/returns column values of the first row on the grid and vice versa.

Is there a way to tell which VA is pressed (QBE vs. column) or to disable the VA on the QBE and enable it for the actual columns?

New to this list, my 1st post, thanks.


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First, you are very welcome on the list.
Second, never forget about your system configuration information or put it into your signature under your Forum User Profile. Thanks.
Third, have your issue already resolved? If yes then let us know how have you done. If not then here are my two cents for you:

* Create a flipp-flopp flag based e.g. EV01 data item with Form Scope (e.g. "BrownGirlInTheGrid_EV01")
* Initialize it in the Dialog Is Initialized event:
BrownGirlInTheGrid_EV01 = 0
* Set the flag in the Row is Entered event:
BrownGirlInTheGrid_EV01 = 1
* Reset the flag in the Row is Exited event:
BrownGirlInTheGrid_EV01 = 0
* Use the logic in the Vissual Assist Button Clicked Event:
If BrownGirlInTheGrid_EV01 is equal to "1"
GC Field = what you get back from your interconect
QC Field = what you get back from your interconect

Really hope it will work. Please, let us know your results if you tried it. Thanks in advance.

You are welcome!


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)