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Visual Assist Icons appear as black squares


I was wonder whether anyone can help. I have a win2k environment running OW-Xe being published via citrix server farm.

From time to time users report the visual assist icons/buttons appear as black squares (this also blacks out the OK and Cancel text). The affected buttons work as expected.

This only occurs on citrix sessions and does not happen on any fats.

When the user exists their session and logs in to the same citrix server, the issue disappears. I have also had a look at the colour and resolutions setting and are 256 colours/ 640x480 res.

Any tips, places to look or ideas would be much apprieciated.



Soul Glo

I had this issues a while back when I was on FR2 since we upgraded to FR3 for MetaFrame XP the issues went away.
We have also seen this issue. I noticed that it was only happening when a user was performing a memory intensive function for an extended period of time (For instance, entering multiple sales orders in a row)... So, when a user would experience this, I took a look at the memory usage on the citrix server for that user. It always seemed that the users session was holding a lot of memory when the issue would occur. When the user would log out, the memory would be cleared and they would start "fresh".

I'm not sure if this points you in the right direction or not. I haven't investigated it since it is so sporatic, and a rare occurence on our site. We are currently on 1.8, but are in the process of upgrading to Presentation Server 3.0. We also typically run anywhere from 2-4 GB of phyical memory in our citrix boxes and rarely have more than 20 OneWorld users per box.

Please let us know if you find any further information!


found out something in the icafile setup options and speed screen enabling.

If you have speed screen enabled the following needs to be added to to the ica file under [WFClient]

PersistentCachePath=c:\Program Files\Citrix\IcaCache

It allows the buttons to be cached locally on the users PC. If speed screen thinks the image is cache but isn't because the ica configuration hasn't asked the local client to save the information you end up getting black squares