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I just discovered (now live on XE) that users are not allowed access to the Advanced row exit on the Work with Batch Versions application. They can create a new version... but they cannot check out or check in a version if they are on TSE (or Citrix or WTS or one of the other five names for this).

There is code in P98305 that stops them from this if they are TSE (Terminal Server)....

I don't get it. With XE, RDA is allowed on TSE - so people can write reports (running LOCAL is another matter) on TSE. That is great. But what is up with this little deal on versions? That is absolutely crazy.

I have gone into P98305 to fix this myself for now.

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I don't think the problem is really with XE, but more so with the design of the TSE. Microsoft does not recommend, infact they tell you not to put applications like C++ on the TSE. It has alot to do with the way the TSE works. Therefore giving people the ability to check in and out gives them the ability to change versions, etc. It causes a lot of problems because of the Multiuser mode issues, remember that there is really only one version of OneWorld on the box, I believe that C++ causes some weird issues when you do any kind of developer work, or check out/in applications.
Checking things in and out on a Citrix WTS could have very negative
results. Remember that all users logged on to a WTS share one set of
specs. If one user is working (or running) a report and another user
checks that same report out - what do you think might happen?? :)
Hope this is of some benefit to you as well as an explanation as to why
this is not enabled out of the box. However, if only one user is on the
WTS at a time you should be fine allowing check out/check in of reports

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First of all... RDA is officially supported on TSE with XE now. So, something has been done by JDE to deal with the one set of specs and the conflicts there.

Second of all... All I am talking about here is versions (data selection and sequence). On B733.2 we had no issues with our 400 users checking in and out versions on WTS. If multiple people tried to create and deal with one UBE's versions at the same time, we did get a file in use message. But that was not a problem and understandable.

AS400 V4R4, XE+XU1+15ESUs, SP14.2, NT-SQL7 for CO