UTB in Terminal Server

Sorry Neil, could ypu explain with more details the procedure?

The first step is to create a new group in NT. It is clear.

Could you explain me the rest?

Many Thanks


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Create an NT group called OWDEVELOPER and assign people to it. This will
allow use of all the development tools from a TS not just the UTB. The
development tools should not be used on a multi user TS as there's only 1
set of spec files that everyone needs to access and opening them in the
tools will often cause some corruption.


Many thanks Neil!!!!

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Hi Jose,

JDE has some code which detects if your on a TS (terminal server) or not.
you aren't then you can use the tools, including UTB. If you are on a TS it
then checks to see if your a member of an NT group called OWDEVELOPER. If
then you can use the tools, if not then you get a message saying something
like "OW tools can't be used on a terminal server".

So after you've created the NT group simply add the NT user profiles to it.

The reason development shouldn't be carried out on terminal servers where
more than one user is on them is due to the fact that there is only one set
of spec files (this is where program code for UBE's and applications sits).
Record locking occurs when you open programs up in design mode which OW
handles badly and hence the risk of corruption. I believe this is slightly
better under XE though.