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User profile revisions not allowed



I want to allow a specific user to change his language himself through his system options -> user profile revision. Not allowed by default.
I checked into P00950 but I didn't find it.

Someone knows how do that ?

Kim Schmidt

Active Member
I'm not sure if it's the best idea to open up modification of language preference to the users. It seems to me this would be a setting that once properly set, would never need to be changed again. Why not have the users submit a request/ticket to have it changed, and someone with address book Change access can do it on their behalf. The language preference for a user is kept in the Address Book, the data item alias is LNGP, which is accessed via application P01012, on the "Additional 1" tab.


Active Member
I am with the point that users should not be allowed to change this , this should be controlled in your org by a CNC . The application which opens is P0085 and when you click on user profile it goes to P0092 where you can select user and also set this language when defining the setup and giving him address book #


Maybe create 2 usernames (or more) and each username would have the language set to different languages.
The user can then log into JDE with the username with the language preference they need.