User does not have the Excel Import option


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Good day all. We are on E1 9.0 and tools 8.98.42.

Our users often do an import from a spreadsheet for various applications such as Mass Asset Upload for Fixed Assets. When the user selects the Import Grid Data option they have three options, Import from Excel, Import from CSV, and Import from Clipboard.

However, a new user is only seeing the Import from CSV and Import Clipboard. The Excel option is not listed. This user is on the same IE version as the others, IE8. In the past this has been an issue with a wrong version or a user running Chrome.

For other users, this works fine, but only for this new user is this an issue.

Any advice on where to trouble shoot this would be appreciated.
Does this user have Excel installed on his/her computer? Does it work if the user tries this from another computer (maybe one that works for another user)?
Yes they do have Excel installed.

One other thing. When the user chooses the Import Grid Data, they get a pop up box that says User Account Control with a Program Name of JDEExpImpU and asks for the user to sign on with Administrator rights. When they do sign in using their network id, it displays the options with the Excel option missing.

Haven't tried this user on another PCs that works yet.
Another thing I notice is that for those where this works, they are the Administrator of their PC. But these two new users are not. Could that have to do with anything.
That has a LOT to do with this. The pop-up box appears while it's trying to install the ActiveX control that allows for Excel importing. If you can make these new users local administrators of their PC, that would work. If not, search on MOS and I think there are some documents describing how to handle the installation of the ActiveX control.
If the users don't have authority to install ActiveX plugins, then the network admins will need to deploy them as part of the PC build, for users of E1.

To manually install them as an admin:
Copy the 2 files, which should be located on the JAS server at ~\webclient.war\axctls\

Extract the 2 OCX files and copy to %windir%\Downloaded Program Files
run the following command to register the activex :
regsvr32 "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\jdeexpimpU.ocx"
regsvr32 "%windir%\Downloaded Program Files\jdewebctlsU.ocx"