Upload Fixed Asset Beginning Balance - with Disposal Info


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I could successfully upload Fixed Asset opening balance by using journal entry and F1202 table have two rows ( one with CHCD 1 belongs to Cost and CHCD 2 belongs to Accum Depr).
The user need to upload the disposal information also.

For example, Asset# 12001 having the following information

First Cost	: 1,000
Accum. Depr	: 1,000
Disposal Amt.	: 300
Net Book Value	: 0

As we see, the NBV is zero. But when they sold the asset, they got 300.
I can just put another entry with CHCD 7 (or 8 or 9) with 300. But the user want to see as follows in P12214 - On-line Depreciation Schedule,

Cost		: 7,00 ( which is equal to First Cost - Disposal Amt.)
Accum. Depr	: 7,00 ( which is equal to Accum. Depr. - Disposal Amt.)
Disposal Amt.	: 300
Net Book Value	: 0

Is this possible ?