I have a question regarding Unicode. I searched through previously listed posts and found the following statement: "You MUST have a unicode compliant DB for CO's, DD, etc."

We are running DB2/400 and have everything on the iSeries box including Central Objects. However, we changed Business Data and Control Tables to be non-unicode so our programmers can view and SQL the information in those tables if necessary.

Now my question is - is there an IBM product or other 3rd party software product that translates Unicode so you can at least view the data in these unicode tables? If there is such a product, can you please give me some details about it?

Thanks and have a great weekend!


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Hi Miller

I am not very sure about tools in the Market
But i think you can view data thru QRY or SQL STATEMENTS
for Unicode complaint

CHGJOB from default CCSID to 37 and then try SQL or QRY

Hope this Helps also let us know in case if you come across any new tools