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Unattended Xe/W2K client installations


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Hi there !

I've just ended a W2K/Xe/SQL/SP14.1 installation, and now ve'got to
install 70 client PCs for regular users with W2K Professional, W2K SP1,
SQL7 Client, SP3 of SQL7 Client, MDAC 2.6 and OneWorld Client.
Of course, I would like to automate all these tedious process as much as
possible. All these computers have similar hardware specifications.
My OneWorld Servers are W2K SP1 Servers, but PDCs and BDCs are
still running on NT4.

Questions are :

1) Has any of you worked with RIPRep, the remote installer service
provided by W2K Server?
2) Would you recommend some other tool such as Ghost or SysPrep?

Thanks, Sebastian

Sebastian Sajaroff
B7321 to Xe

B7321 to Xe, NT/W2K/SQL
JAS, Interoperability
Grupo ASSA - Application Software SA