Unable to "turn off" some table trigger code

JDE: 9.1, TR 9.1.3, SS DB
We needed a table trigger to insert into a log table.
The code was changed.
The change was built and deployed.
Everything worked as expected.
We now want to turn off that table trigger insert.
The code was comment out.
The change was built and deployed.
Except, the table trigger is still now in place; inserts still occurring into log table.
We noticed on the initial implementation of the trigger code, the jdbtrg2.dll file was updated in the pathcode folder on the enterprise server.
Our recent change to comment out the trigger code, did not update this file.
We did not do the initial build and deployment ourselves.
What are we missing; step(s)? [do something else] & bounce the enterprise server?
Thanks in advance for all help on this.