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I have a grid on a headerless detail form that has 2 columns. One is market plan and the other is market description.

The Market plan is defined in a UDC along with a description.

Is there a way to get the UDC description into the grid Market Description so that when I write to the file I put that description into the file?

Roger OneWorldXe


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Hi Roger,
You can do it several way.
At first, you have to add the logic of popoulating the description field (GC value) into the Write Grid-Line Before event.
Now, let see what kind of logic:

1.) You can retrieve the description directly from the F0005 UDC table or from the F0005D UDC Alternate Language Description table (if you use other language then English) with a simple FetchSingle table I/O statement. If you use alternate language, then you can use the "SL Language" system variable to determine the language setting of the current user.

2.) There are several Business Functions to retrieve UDC descriptions.
I have made a search for you and now I copy the results here with the identification datas of the BSFNS.

Function Name Source Module Description
F0005GetUDCDescription N3003660 F0005 Get UDC Description by the Second Description
GetUDCDescription N0800031 Get UDC Description
GetUDCDescriptionFromSourceEnv B8000008 Get UDC Description From Source Environment
GetUpdateUDCDescription B4002070 F0005 Get Update UDC Description By Key
RetrieveUDCDescription1 N48S0630 Retrieve UDC Description 1 (F0005)

Let us now if you have further problem.

Good work,
P.S.: If it is a UDC and you want to use an input capable Headerless Detail form then why do you make a new application? The original UDC applications make the same (e.g. P0004A).

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Thanks this is what I am looking for. But this is the first application that I have written since JDE class.

I see that the N0800031 BF needs several parms.

I don't know what each field needs.

I have a UDC of MC in product 56. I see if I go into ER there is a way to call the BF but it requires several parms. I have the code on my screen in a grid column and have the result field on the grid and can see how to put the description where I want.

Thanks for your help


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Hi Roger,

About the parameters of N0800031 BSFN:

1.) Issue a call for it in your Event Rule.
2.) Press the "Business Function Notes" button on the BSFN Parameters window.
3.) Voila, here is the explanation of the parameters.

Sure is sure, I copy the mentioned text to the end of this post.

Good luck & read you again,
Functional Description


This NER returns the the UDC Description from the F0005 file. The UDC description is retrieved by using the a combination of the Data Dictionary value and the User Defined Code or a combination of the System Code, the User Defined Codes and the User Defined Code. These values are passed in by the user.

Setup Notes and Prerequisites

Special Logic

Technical Specification

The first five fields of this NER are intended as input fields.
-The szDataDictionaryItem field is the Data Dictionary item that has an associated UDC in its data edit rules.
-The szSystemCode field is the System Code variable (data type SY) found in the F0004 and F0005 files.
-The szUserDefinedCodes field is the User Defined Codes variable (data type RT) found in the F0004 and F0005 files.
-The cUserDefinedCode and szUserDefinedCode fields are the User Defined Code (data type KY) found in the F0005 file. The former is used for character variables; the later is used for string variables.

The remaining field are intended primarily as output fields.
-The szDescription01 field is used to retrieve the first description (data type DL01) from the F0005 file.
-The szDescription02 field is used to retrieve the second description (data type DL02) from the F0005 file.
-The cErrorCode returns one of the following values:

0 = No Errors
2 = No value could be found as both the cUserDefinedCode and the szUserDefinedCode have non-blank values
3 = The edit rule for the entered Data Dictionarry item is not a UDC
4 = The szSystemCode and/or szUserDefinedCode fields have values as well as the szDataDictionaryItem field.
5 = User Defined Code not found in F0004
6 = No value could be found as the szDataDictionaryItem field is blank and the szSystemCode and/or the szUserDefinedCodes values are blank
7 = User Defined Code not found in F0005
8 = No value could be found as both the cUserDefinedCode and szUserDefinedCode fields are blank

-The szSpecialHandlingCode field is used to retrieve the special handling code (data type SPHD) from the F0005 file.

Not all of the five input fields will be used simultaneously. The user will enter one of two combinations:
-A szDataDictionaryItem value
and either a cUserDefinedCode
or a szUserDefinedCode value.
-A szSystemCode value ,
a szUserDefinedCodes value,
and either a cUserDefinedCode
or a szUserDefinedCode value.

The first combination is prefered as changes to the Data Dictionary item or UDC tables is automatically handled without having to manually enter new System Code and User Defined Codes values.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)