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UBE interface


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I am writing the sales order header and detail information to 2 custom staging tables, with data selection at certain status. But how do i control the UBE
- not to write the same sales order to the staging tables( this UBE will run every 30 minutes)
- and to send the same sales order when certain fields were changed ( for ex: price, quantity , description )

Any ideas will be appreciated.



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Not to repeat -
If you're not clearing down your staging table, check for it's existence in the staging table before sending again.
Or move the So NXTR on, so you know it's been processed. Or a spare field in F4211 (URCD etc?)

Send the same SO again -
Tricky one. How and where are the values changed? Could you trigger it there?

Or if done via base apps and E1 writes to F42199, read the F42199 for changes?

Many ways, but those are just a few until I have more coffee :)


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Hi John,
Thanks for the reply.
User can go in the sales order line can change quantity or price.
so if do with F42199, if I compare certain values from f42119 against F4211 and F4201 , does this work ?



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The sales ledger idea doesn't work well because there is no status update when doing plain sales detail updates in SOE.

This is a complicated request. Personally, I'd create a custom cache that 'monitors' users' activity for whatever fields meet your requirement.

I think the easiest approach would be to take a snapshot of the current order as it is being loaded to the grid. So your cache would have a snapshot of the order as it existed at the start of an SOE session.

Then in the OK button, prior to EndDoc being called, you would have a custom function that compares the F42UI11 cache with your custom cache on a line-by-line basis, checking for whatever field changes you're tracking.