Trouble with Universal Table Browser row selection



I've started having trouble with the Universal Table Browser (utb) where often when I click a row the selection bounces back and forth between two adjacent rows and the CPU usage spikes. I am not able to do anything within the UTB window once this happens and have only stopped it by ending the task in the Task Manager. I don't know if this is due to some new software change, a usage habit that triggers it, or just something I am now noticing due to my increased use of the table browser.

I seem to be able to cause the problem most reliably if I open a table, click in a QBE field and press Enter to search for all, scroll down below the initially visible rows, and then click in a row. I don't seem to be able to reproduce it if I open a table (the same table), click in a QBE field and press Enter to search for all, and then click in any visible row before scrolling. In that case additional row clicks in newly visible rows do not produce the CPU consuming row selection "dance".

I know, if it hurts don't do that, but I find myself ending the UTB task a lot.

Is this a known issue?

Can others reproduce the error?

I've tried searching the web, this forum,, and but maybe my search terms aren't right.

Thank you,

JDE 9.2
UTBrowse.exe 01-11-2018_01_45 - Release
Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB fat client host
Windows 10 Enterprise local system
Remote Desktop Connection mstsc.exe 10.0.15063.1155

Tyler F

Hi Jacob,

On Oracle Support - Document
1527865.1 - Scenario 4 describes the issue that you are experiencing as well as that the workaround is sufficient enough that you select a visible row first. However, Oracle stated that it doesn't occur TR 8.96 and above, which seems to be incorrect.