Tracking ESU changes to DD items



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Hi folks,

I am quite happy tracking and checking changes to objects via ESU in the back end tables, but can't seem to see any reference to DD item changes/additions.

I had an issue last week in that I cheery picked an ESU for P3112 and it was fine all the way until it hit PD. PD has it's own DD library.
The error was with alias OPCN. This must have come in in a lower environment ESU, updated non prods DD library but not yet made it to PD.

I know there many tables behind the scenes (F9671 /72, F96400 the list goes on) plus the impact analysis tables but nowhere for the life of me can I find where changes made to DD items via an ESU are stored.

So, can anyone help me here? As we all need to be able to track DD changes and as well as base objects.