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time stamp


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Hi Eric,
what is the possibility of you adding a field to the user profile so people could add their own time zone and then have the forum's times displayed in the users time zone equivalent. it would be a nice touch.
ps: this forum is a great thing ! you are to be commended on your hard work.

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I agree /wwwimages/icons/laugh.gif Old man Eric /wwwimages/icons/laugh.gif is doing a WONDERFUL job.

The time Zone thing would also be cool.

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Possibly. It may be quite a mod because it will require a database change. Right now, our priority project is to lose the ~~##:## in the mailing list messages although this change will make the threading less accurate but still grouped. Mailing list posts will likely have on-tier threading. The next project on the list is to snip the MIME message headers.

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