Third party vendors / tools



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We are preparing for consolidation. We have 4 AS400s with ERP8.0 in it and we will move into one 9.x installation.

I want to survey all available third party vendors that will help us in areas of System Administration, Upgrade e.t.c

I have seen Everest..Other companies likewise?
There are other tools, not specific to jde too, that can help your CNC.

Just someone:
1)Object Browser specific to jde
2)Jira to track activity and issue
3)Splunk to handle logs from different server
4)Kettle (aka PDI) for batch db processing and other stuff (we move files, archive logs, copy table on a scheduled time, etc...)
5)Jasper report (we developed tons of reports to check the system)
Our software is essentially a collection of tools for managing and upgrading menus and security. Note the tools are as much for menus as they are for security and the majority of the tools don't need 'implementing', just installing.
Yes of course, I was missing AOS, we have a couple of customers using it and they are very happy. A time saver in upgrade projects and day to day operation
Hi Earthdog ... are you looking for consulting assistance with the upgrade and platform consolidation? If so would be pleased to speak with you about this and how we can be of service. Guess my big question is if you are looking for tools that can help you do it (i.e., you are self sufficient and knowledgeable enough) or looking for larger assistance.