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Ok, the last try came back blank with a date of 12/31/69 (Y2K again?) So I guess I'll try again.

Does anyone know how to print out the table definitions? I thought it was under OMW but I didn't see anything that might help. I tried looking under TDA, but didn't see it there either. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


Jeremey Garcia
Xe SP14 ES - AS/400 CO - AS/400 Deploy - NT Citrix


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Hi Jeremey,

You tried to looking for Print on the best place - under TDA (Table Design Aid).
The Print is the third selection under the File menu and the second icon grom left on the toolbar. The "Columns" window of TDA should be the Active window making this function enabled - in other cases Print will be disabled/grayed out.


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Hi Jeremey,

There is a cute little application called SABridge, which allows you to export the table definition to a csv file. You can find it in c:/b7/system/bin32

The program has one little peculiarity; You need to export the file twice to two different files before the csv file is written.


Sef van den Nieuwelaar
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.. that, and the resulting Excel table calls the data item "ALIAS" and the Alias is called "NAME".

JDE also provides "data models" for the various systems (eg, AccountsPayable) that are helpful for seeing the relationships between multiple files and making views. I think I got them on the JDE documentation CD's......




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Another (simple) way is to print the layout of a table via Table Design Aid to a file (add a generic text printer) and import this text-file into e.g. Excel. But the outcome is, in most cases, not exactly what you expect. I've created a little utility to get the columns almost correctly: see http://www.geocities.com/wherdes/TDFileConvertr.htm

Walter Herdes

B7332 / XE / NT4 / SQL 7 / VisualStudio 6 SP5


There is something you need to watch when using SABridge.
It does the following:
1. All numeric fields have a length of 49 !!!
2. All string fields have a length of 'actual length plus 1' ..

Hope this helps.

Christian Audet

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Look at the attached (in the forum) document, this is talking about a new Xe application that only work on a live system (not demo), it is realy usefull !


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Hi Trevor

Looks like an interesting little add-on. However when I try and run it, it displays the message "The procedure entry point_JDBRS_GetDSTMPLSpecs@12 could not be located in the dynamic link library Jdekrnl.dll"
I get the same result when running the command from DOS as suggested in the readme.txt

Is there anything else I need to do to run this successfully? Or does the application only work in an XE environment (I tried to run this in a prodb732 env on NT)

Thnx & Rgds,

Sef van den Nieuwelaar
B732 on NT, XE on NT, B732/A73 on AS400, B733 on NT


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It should be fine on Xe and B7332 (if not lower).

Is the b7\system\bin32\jdekrnl.dll the first jdekrnl.dll that would be found in your search path?

I can't really think why it couldn't find the function it's looking for unless your jdekrnl.dll is dodgy???



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