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Is there any functionality within the OneWorld toolset to be able to be
able to find out what table or row locks have been placed by OneWorld
processes? I know using the database tools would allow you this information,
but we desire something that can be used from within OneWorld, similar to
SAW... Also, what exactly does P00096 - Business Object Reservations
supposed to do, isn't it supposed to tell you what business function placed
a lock on a table?


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You mean P00095. The F00095 table holds all orders locked by interactive applications in the UDC Table 00/RR (thanks to Don Mattes for this information, I didn't know this UDC location!) Say for example a user is in P4205 shipment confirmation, a record containing the generic key, which consists of Transaction order number, order type, and order company is added to the table. Also displayed is the application which put it on hold as well as the user id and date and time. If the record is locked, any user that attempts to update data on the record via an application in 00/RR will get a message stating that the order is reserved by (user id.)

As per some of the other threads floating around, this only works for interactive versions.

I don't know of any table that displays locks by Business functions.

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