Table Join F41021/F4105


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I am wondering if there is a way to create a business view with F41021 and F4105 for a specific cost method; i.e "07".


OneWorld B733 Cum 2 SP11.3, NT SP6a, SQL 7.0 SP3


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If the filter criteria is not going change you can create a SQL view where the two tables are joined and include the filter criteria.

You can then map a JDE table F55???? and JDE business view V55??? to this SQL view as though it were a SQL table.

When you create the table you will need to click on the Generate Table button and then click on cancel when it prompts for the environment to generate the table in. This will generate the table specs.

You can not use the Universal Table Browser to look at data in this view.

David Robertson

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Search through the posts for Foreign Tables I think. The create view method is documented in some detail within here somewhere.

Let me know if you need more info on it, if it helps..



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There is a nice article in the QuestDirect magazine that explains this. Check out, click the 'Members' line on the top, click on the 'Q&A Archives' link, and then the 'Fall 2000 Issue' link. You'll see an article name 'Using Database views in Oneworld'. I also attached the article.


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