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Table conversion wiped out DD files


Hi List,

I had this strange experience with Table conversion in JDE OW 733.2.

I ran a custom Table conversion UBE locally on a fat client to bring EDI
tables (F47011, F47012, F4706, F4714, F4716) from Production env to CRP for
testing. I did a data copy for these tables, specified the input/output
environments(PROD/CRP), set Clear/Copy options as “Yes”, added no extra
codes to the program, saved and ran it. I ran the auto-created version
(XJDE0001) version. It ran for a while copied my data and got terminated.

But it looks like( from the log files) it wiped out records from a bunch of
Data dictionary files like ( F9200, F91100, F98500, F98701 etc)… luckily we
could salvage DD data from backup. ( As you can understand, all these DD
tables were never specified in the conversion UBE )

I’m wondering if anyone had similar kind of problems… Now this incident
makes me nervous to run any Table conversion UBEs !!

Env. OW B7332, SP 11.3, SunOS/ NT, Oracle 8.0.