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We are developing a form for data entry in JDEdwards Xe. The user is not comfortable with the use of 'TAB' key which is on the left hand side. Is there any way in which we can use 'ENTER' key to avail of the same functionality as 'TAB' i.e. exit from field?

Thanks in advance

We had this same issue converting from our old system. If you'll leave
things as they are I'm sure your users will acclimate to the change. We've
been live about eight months and it hasn't been an issue. Believe me you'll
have "Bigger Fish to Fry". After all Tabbing between fields does seem to be
the standard in a "Windows" environment. Refer to forms in MS Access, Word,
or Excel as examples.

Walt Sellers
Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd.
OW B733.2 SP10, Citrix, Windows NT TS2000, Oracle 8.1.6
We use a utility called KeyGo that map the Enter key on the numeric keypad
to do a Tab. You should be able to find the utility at or

Chi Lee

B733.1, SP 11.3, NT 4.0, SQL Server 7.0
Re: RE: Tab & Enter Key

This is true, but that does not make it better. Obviously you want the enter key to behave the same through out common windows apps, but you should be able to customize the keyboard as well. For example, client access gives you the ability to modify the keyboard template when using client access. JDE should incorporate the same thing since it is simple enough to do. Especialy if they are going to go around and change how the keys operate. Using a third party application is not the best solution, because the mapping stays in effect when using other apps, unless the user turns mapping off. However, this appears to be the only choice. My question is...Why did they not leave it alone? Our people are pissed off about it, because now they have to use two hands instead of one. This makes it difficult to type in orders while talking on the phone to the dealers. It reduces productive time, and Aggravates them. I was hoping that there was something built into XE so that i could remap the keyboard. I will give that share software a try.


Kevin Benjamin