Supplier Catalog

Hello List. I wanted to find out if anyone uses the
Supplier Catalog Maintenance P41061 and if they have
encountered any problems. I have set up some inventory
items within the supplier catalog maintenance which relates
well to the PO Generator and generates the orders based on
the pricing on the catalog. The problem I have is that our
default Purchasing Price Level on the Item Master is set to
a 3 and to add an item to the Supplier Catalog it needs to
be a 2. We have our default value set as a 3 and I wanted
to have our programmers change the value overall items to
set it to a 2. Does anyone see where this could be a
problem if there are items not set up with a supplier/item
relationship. I'm hoping that it doesn't matter, otherwise
when we set them up we manually have to change each item
that we want to set up. Currently we have over 6,000 items
on contract where this would be useful. I was going to have
the change done in a test environment to see if everything
worked alright then do the change in Production.

I would appreciate any feedback on this area.

Oneworld info:
Version B73.3 Base
Service Pack 3
(planning on moving to XE before end of this year)

Carla Terwilliger
Orlando Utilities Commission
e-mail: [email protected]