Supplier Bank Account Information - IBAN


Hello Listers,
All bank accounts are using the IBAN format so the Account Number is no longer valid for these suppliers. The bank account # is a required field in the P0030A. Is there a way to turn that requirement off and enter the IBAN number instead?
Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

which JD Edwards version are you using?
I am able to find IBAN field on JD Edwards Enterpriseone 9.1.5.
CBNK is set to "Required field" in the app, so you would need to mod P0030A and turn that off, and turn it on for IBAN.
You might want to look at some additional indexes over F0030 with IBAN.

A quick look, I don't see any problem, but there are 32 tables containing CBNK on my system, so you'll want to check for any repercussions of that being blank, particularly in things like F0413 and F0917. F0474N1 (Sweden), F74030G (Germany) and F76C572 (DIAN) have it as part of a unique key, for example.

Build the xref in dev and check where and how CBNK in particular is being used.