Standalone Integration


We are trying to set up a JDE sandbox environment in order to test our integration with JDE. We have installed the 9.2 Standalone Client. Our integration solution is javascript based, so I need a web api for exchanging data with JDE. Originally I was looking at AIS and installed ServerManager, HtmlServer, and AIS, but after reading some posts here and elsewhere, I understand that AIS is more of an automation interface than a data interface. After reading the interop guide, the XML interop and BSSV look like good options with BSSV requiring more setup and configuration.

Per the interop guide, I added JDENET Kernels 6, 16, and 22 as well as LREngine, XML Dispatch, XTS, and XMLLookupInfo. However, I have not been able to find anywhere where it tells me how to send an XMLCallObject or XmlList request. Specifically what endpoint to send the request to, and headers to include. I tried sending the request to localhost:6012, which is my JDENET connect and listen port, and got no response. I tried localhost:9200, which is my E1Server port, and got a 404. I tried localhost:9200 with the context root jde, and got an empty 200 response.

Is it possible to send an XML request over HTTP to the standalone client? If so, how would I determine what endpoint should the request be sent to?