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SQL 2000 Enterprise

Michael L.

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Do you know if SQL 2000 Enterprise is a supported database for the
Deployment Serer only?

If it is, would you recommend upgrading to it from 6.x? What would you say
is the best and most stable version of SQL to be on?

Thanking you in advance for your "feedback".

Michael Lockwood
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Avnet Computer Marketing, Enterprise Solutions Division
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Michael :

I think that SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition is a little too much for
your Deployment, SQL 2000 Standard runs fine.
SQL 2000 Enterprise will run fine too, but it you will fully exploit it
only if Deployment is W2K Clustered, your C.O. are residing there and
you want their databases to be SQL2K clustered too.
I strongly recommend to upgrade from SQL 6.x; you may either go to
SQL 7 or SQL 2K. If I were you, would go straight to SQL 2K.
It's recommended by JDE on its KG, and it runs fine.
SQL 6.x is definitely a headache.


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