Spec merge and indexes


We are currently upgrading from B732 to Xe and I have encountered an interesting problem with the spec merge of tables and their indexes (indices?). I will illustrate this by an example (because I can't get my head round explaining it in the abstract).

In B732 2 custom indexes were added to F03B11. When the indexes were generated they created logical files F03B11_12 and F03B11_13 on the AS/400.

After the spec merge I went into TDA to check whether the two additional indexes were still there. As far as I could tell, they were not (no indexes with the appropriate names were listed). There were, however, a number of new (standard) indexes.

Just out of interest I checked the logical files on F03B11 on the AS/400 and was surprised to find that the two custom indexes had made it into Xe and they were still F03B11_12 and F03B11_13. The new (standard) indexes had been created as F03B11_14 onwards.

So I checked again in TDA and looked at the 12th and 13th indexes in the list (two of the new indexes - checked against vanilla Xe). Although their names bore no relation to the custom indexes that had gone missing the fields they contained were the fields for the custom indexes.

The net result of this is that two of the standard indexes will presumably not be available in Event Rules, I have some concerns over what would happen if the indexes were re-generated in the future and I am off to check the rest of the modified tables.

Still it keeps is all in a job, I guess.



B732-Xe, AS/400
Hi Ste,

We are also working on upgrade from B732 to XE, but we are on NT instead of AS/400, so my idea may not be right.

To have clean copy from XE, you can transfer F03B11 from pristine to your Crp or Dev, then you can goto TDA to add your 2 new custom indexes, and generate F03B11 and indexes. Make sure you do a backup of F03b11, you can restore the data later on. Same senario to transfer to PROD.

Hope this will help you.

Thanks for that Richard.

That was pretty much the approach I was going to take. I just thought I would warn people that this could happen when upgrading.