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Depending on when you ordered SP 15, you might have received the wrong code. For anyone who has SP 15 CD, I would strongly recommend that you go to KG/Tech Flash and see if you have the correct control number. If you don't have the correct control number, then you will need to reinstall SP 15.

Is anyone having fun yet? :)

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Ok after I picked myself up off the floor, I found the following on the
Knowledge Garden about the correct control number for SP15. I'm ok.......

Hope the best for the rest of you.

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Title: SP15 CDs Possibly Contain the Wrong Service Pack Software
Abstract: Some shipments of SP15 possibly contain the wrong of Service Pack

Product OneWorld
Suite Technical
Release All
Document ID oti-01-0037
Date Created 04/23/2001
Date Reviewed 04/23/2001
Date Revised 04/23/2001


SP15 CDs that were shipped from the Denver Distribution Center between March
23 and April 2 could possibly contain the incorrect Service Pack Software.
If SP15 CD was received, please verify that the CD has SP15 with correct
control number of 2044 stamped on the CD. If the CD reflects control number
2079, the CD contains the incorrect Service Pack software.

If the CD reflects control number 2079, please contact your Upgrade
Coordinator and request that SP15 be reordered. Do not install any SP15 CDs
that are stamped with control number 2079 or unpredictable results may

If you have already installed SP15 with control number 2079, please roll
back to the previous Service Pack or apply the new SP15 CD when it arrives.