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We're on Xe base (SP13) & need to upgrade to SP15.1 for a couple of "features". What has been the experiences of those that have done this? I know of one company that failed & had to revert back to SP13. Has anyone had success?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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I plan on going to SP 15.1 sometime next week. I originally had planned to
go to SP 15.1 at the end of June but I can't wait that long. If anyone
happens to beat me to it please let us know if SP 15.1 is of good quality.



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I was told that there was a problem with SP15 and that the correction will be available in the next couple of weeks.

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We might need to make the move for JAS features, but someone JDE recommended I wait. I guess he/she heard there was problems with the install.

Is there anyone Xe that attempted this update? How'd it go?

rkang: Could you tell me what sort of problems you had with JAS? Were they show-stoppers or did you find work-arounds?


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Re: RE: SP 15.1

I have just installed SP 15_1 in a B7331, I have to do the Euro COnversion, so at this moment I haven't seen any problem with this SP 15_1, so if I see anything really strange I'll give notice. If you need specific information, let me know.