SP 14.2 aftermath XE


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We applied the service pack and in PD7333 now any UBE which processes data,
i.e., R09801 does not post correctly. If we run the post locally then the
post runs fine. Any Ideas.


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We applied SP14.2 to fix a problem with security and the menus issue.
Anyways, the largest problem we had after the service pack installation was
with service billing. Since the SP install, we are also now experiencing the
issue of checking out an existing versions.
If you attempt to check out an existing version prior to the SP install,
you get an error. From discussion with JDE and searching the KG, it looks
like the SP modifies a program in that it looks for a data item to be pulled
from a table. Versions that were created prior to the SP did not write this
item to the table, and hence you get an error. This issue is resolved in a
later service pack. Versions created after the SP are able to be checked
out/in properly...If you need specifics of the problems encountered drop me
a note offline. I have the sar# written down in my notes regarding the
version checkout issue. From my experience with it, my advice is to just
avoid 14.2 and go to a later service pack.


SP14.2, NT/SP6a, SQL7/SP3, Metaframe 1.8


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Hi John,

Not that this will help you with this SP issue, but at a training session
last week in Denver, JDE announced that they are moving to multi-foundation
Service Packs. Apparently, it is currently available, but not documented or
communicated. This will allow us to install an SP to a non-Production
environment for testing first - Yeah! Not that it's difficult to back off
an SP, but there is a reduced impact on Production users if we can test it


Kimberley Bohn
QNX Software Systems Ltd., Canada
B73.3.2, NT, SQL7.0, SP11.3
Testing Xe SP15 Update 1


Hi, Kimberley,
You gave very interesting information.
The only way I can see is creating a new application server with different
SP. So you might have SP11.3 on your NT enterprise server and SP15 on the NT
application server. If it works fine on appl.server you can move it to the
production box. But it is NT case. I don't have other AS/400 server :-(
Would you describe more, please?

Regards, Alexander Shevchenko

CNC administrator, AS400, B7332, SP10.1


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Testing a service pack in another environment is documented on the KG and we
are in the middle of one for the AS/400.

The info is out there.