Some station suddenly getting slow access OW


Hi all,

Would like to check if anyone encounter same problem as me, and found solution :

We are have about 30 PC with Oneworld installed, OS incluidng Win95,Win98, WinNT & WinME.

Start from 2-3 months back, we realised certain PC are suddenly getting very bad performance on access to Oneworld.

I mean only certain PC, where at the same time, other PC are running fine ! This mean should not related to Server Performance.

The bad performance mean.. After click on Oneworld Icon, it take 10 second to appear Oneworld Login Screen, and after ID and PW, it take 20 second to Enter Oneworld. And inside oneworld, all operation take 3 times of the normal respond time.

Uninstalled Oneworld and redeploy it again will NOT solve the problem, but you got to REMOVE and REINSTALL Windows !!

I've check and confirm the PC is Virus Free !!

With my later research, I need not to remove Windows, but just remove all files in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM then perform a reinstall of Windows will solve the problem, therefore I suspect some files in that folder are corrupted.

Is anyone encounter the same problem? Any better suggestion ?

Thanks and Regards.

Remus Shai
Yee Lee Corporation Bhd
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I suspect that none of the problem PCs are running NT, right?
How much free disk space is on these PCs when they slow down?
How much memory do you have on your PCs?
What network client do you use?
Are your virus definition files current?

Larry Jones
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Very strange that you would mention this. I seem to have started having
this exact problem. It happened about 3 or 4 weeks ago. I have reinstalled
JDE and it has not helped either. It acts like there is some process
running in the back ground, but I don't seem to see it. We do have Norton
Anti Virus Corporate edition. By any chance are you running that also,
maybe it is caused by one of the new definition files. I don't have any
other user complaining but me!

Larry, Yes I am running NT on my workstation.

Lori Waybright
Inland Empire Paper Co.

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Did you check the INI file to see if debug was on. We had some machines do the same thing and all it took was to change the INI file and set debug to off.


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