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Some minor problems

Hi Eric, Support

Now, I having a bit more time and I returned to this amazing Forums after 2 monthes.

I try to make up for my backlog and see Personal infos of the new members.

NOTE: I use Hungarian setting.
I found two minor problems in the last two days:

1.) After I open a thread with more answers in threaded mode and change the mode to
 flat and later go back threads then the colour of the titles of the opened thread didn't changed
 to show me, they had been read. The same issue exists when I go through the threads in flat
 mode using the Next function.
Note: I have almost 1000 unread post on the Developers Forum and almost 2000 on the other
 XE Forum.

2.) When I click on somebody's name to see her/his public personal info the I alway see the
 Hungarian flag instead of her/his.

Hoefully you can correct these issues.



Christian Audet

Staff member

I still experience the second issue from Zoltan's list, when I look at the profile of a user I see the canadian flag for all of them.

This is the message that pops up:

<<Page not found
We're sorry but the page that you are attempting
to access could not be found.>>


This seems to be a serious BUG. I am a Brit but I cannot get a Union Jack to display. If the Canadians can have their flag can we have ours please?

Christian Audet

Staff member

I'm sory to tell you that in some circonstance we still have the issue about the flag.

Let me explain :

When I click on a user from the 'Who's Online' I now see the user's flag instead of my flag. But in some circonstance that I can't explain the flag don't apear and the image link is set as 'http://www.jdelist.com/ubb/images/flags/.gif' (nothing.gif !)

Thanks for everything

Christian audet


There is a minor bug that has to be fixed where brand new registrants aren't getting a default english flag. I will be fixed soon.