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Single-click JDE WEB Shortcuts


Legendary Poster
Have you, or are you going to migrate your users to the WEB client? Do you need anything to appease the unhappy users? - Our family of software solutions has grown again with the introduction of a new tool - ESI JDE Menu Gadget . It's a Windows(R) Vista(R) SideBar Gadget with a few JDE WEB shortcuts that make starting a few most commonly used JDE programs as easy as making 1 (single!!!) mouse click.

The login credentials can also be saved, so that the programs will open without even a login prompt. And to crown it all, these shortcuts can also incorporate form structure values, which will pre-populate the form search boxes and automatically perform a search immediately on startup!

This highly convenient and visually attractive tool will not leave your users untouched. It's particularly valuable for the less experienced and the less frequent users of JDE, because they will not need to know a thing about how to connect to JDE, won't even need to remember (or indeed even know) the login name and the password. It will also be of great value to any power users, by offering easy-to-use and time-saving entry points into the most frequently used programs.

This solution can also boost your system security, by providing the users with highly controlled access to a limited number of programs, with no ability to run any other programs in JDE, if this solution is specifically configured and installed to do this.

It's by far superior to the traditional FastPath and is also incomparably more secure than FastPath.

And what's more, it does not need to be restricted to Vista(R) users! - the core component of this software solution is an ActiveX control that can be easily used on your corporate intraweb page to provide access to JDE (because it's an ActiveX and the actual code executes locally for every user, so all of the configuration and the login credentials will be always local and private).

A free Limited Trial version is available for download - please, download and try this solution now!

Please, use this opportunity to visit our Software Page for more details. With over 40 software solutions and customers in 36 countries, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, Oracle Corporation among them, we are very likely to have a few solutions for you! Our solutions are intelligently self-configuring and require practically no training. You can leverage our solutions in every JDE implementation, saving you both time and effort, while reducing any implementation risks.