Simplified MTRs for Standalone?


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I'm prepping for a Collaborate Presentation - and started looking for the latest MTRs for 9.1.x and finding a formal list of MTRs to be... difficult to find.

Remember the old days, when you wanted to install something - you just asked, what are the MTRs and got a list of Operating System, Memory and Drive Space. Apparently, our friends at Oracle have been overcome by technical writers that don't understand a bit about bytes and by legal folks that have a discretion to disallow anything faq-tual out of their gates. That said - I fail to find an actual document that says what the Real MTRs for a current standalone are.

Assuming, from reading - that the MTRs for 9.1 (updates 1 or 2) are:
- Windows 7 64bit or Windows Server 2012 (not W8, still)
- At least 30gb drive (if you are going to install Office and any other third-party tools)
- At least 4gb ram (yeah, minimal - this is the ram you would assign to the VM)

Anyone got a shortcut list to the current Standalone MTRs? I must be dyslexic - I can't find it.

Side-question: Anyone know if One View Reporting can be installed on a Standalone?