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Is there a way to prevent processing of SO if Ship to address is on hold /made inactive after order is created? It works if new order is created after ship to address is made inactive but if there is an already open order and then the ship to is made inactive/placed on hold then no errors are given. We do Denied Party screening to ensure transactions are not done with entities on a sanctioned list but we don't have a way to stop the order processing if one of the ship to address is a potential match to a denied party.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

JDE EnterpriseOne 9.1


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Hello Matt,

I don't know of any part of the pick/pack/ship process that goes back and looks at the customer records. My initial thought is a custom UBE that you create to find open orders for inactive customers and put those orders on a hold. You could run the UBE every hour (whatever frequency works). You might, depending on how often it happens, get some strange results where the order is being worked on so it doesn't get the hold or is partially processed. If that is a concern, make the report just print the results and a person would review (very inefficient, but might be necessary).