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Hi Lists,
My client (say company B) belongs to the conglomerate which has first company (say company A) went live already 1st March and my client will be the second one.
Currently there is a plan to share some tables to have better system performance and consolidated financial reports for the conglomerate. The facts are:
1. Two companies are in totally different industrial fields.
2. They use the same enterprise server and share one database with different owners.
3. The tables discussed to be shared are F0902, F0002, F0006, F0010, F0012, F0901, UDC and maybe F0911 also.
4. I am the new manufacturing consultant and warms up on CNC (maybe on finance in the future). I was asked if F0002 shared, any concerns come from manufacturing and distribution sides ?
So, I need your suggestions on any pros and cons when we think about the table sharing. Any should and shouldn't we need to watch on table sharing ?
Appreciated any comments and explainations from you. Thanks !

We currently share F0002 & F00021 (both next numbers) between multiple
instances of OneWorld. We do this because of multiple code pages
(english/western european and Japanese) , and have had no trouble.

I can't speak to the other files.

Tom Davidson
b7332 SP 11.3 (soon to be Xe SP 15.1), ES: AS/400 V4R5, DS: NT 4.0 SP 6a,
SQL 7.0, CO on SQL

F0012, F0901, UDC and maybe F0911 also.

OW 7332 SP 11.3VER, NT 4.0 SP 5, TSE 4.0 SP 4, Metrframe 1.8, CO SQL 7.0

I would say, that by sharing these tables you would decrease
performance. This is especially