Send message extended functionality

Pradeep ROut

Hi ,

There is a requirement to send an Email to vendor with some Order info and an email Link , if User click that link it will resend that email to some email Address .
So we need to have text substituted message. I have decided to go through the System Function Send Message Extended in which we can use glossary group DD item(text Substituted message) in which i have used html tag for hyperlink .
The system function is working fine, when i am giving To recipient as An8(F0101) . and the system will take automatically email address REM1 field from Who's Who table(F0111) and send email with our requirement .
Problem is , Email address will be there in Different table not in F0111 and suggested not to update the F0111.
So i have given To recipient as email address by choosing (SMTP address) , I am able to send email to the vendor but HTML hyper link tags which i used in Glossary group is not working .

Another Problem: How to change From Email Address. Always From address is like “People-Soft” . I want to be some Constant Emil address .

I know that we can use SEND EMAIL HRM and MAIL MERGE BSFN to send Email but not sure whether HTML tags and Info with more than 256 char will work out ?
Any suggestion is great helpful.