E9.2 Select Application Failure Header Label

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Chandra Chaganti

we have created from request(its created by process recorder) to update unit price.

its working but randomly getting below error. also tried with Run Synchronously disabled and ORCH success but price not updated.

"message": {
"ServiceRequest: SREQ_CRUnitPriceUpdate_01": {
"App Stack Form Exception": {
"Expecting Form": "P4210_W4210E",
"Resulting Form": "P95400_W95400E"
"JAS Response": {
"fs_P95400_W95400E": {
"title": "Select Application Failure Header Label",
"data": {},
"errors": [],
"warnings": []
"stackId": 20,
"stateId": 2,
"rid": "ca52794c42c80604",
"currentApp": "P95400_W95400E",
"timeStamp": "2023-09-08:13.25.16",
"sysErrors": []
"exception": "Exception",
"timeStamp": "2023-09-08T13:25:16.910+0200",
"userDefinedErrorText": "",
"status": "ERROR"
These errors are maddening aren't they!

I'm guessing that if you could isolate the "record" as input that you're passing to this form request and duplicate the error consistently, you might find that there is some data being passed to the form request that doesn't pass validation check-- that is, if you manually input the EXACT same data into the same forms in the same order as the form request, it would present you with an error of some type.

It's a general observation when I see something like
"Expecting Form": "P4210_W4210E",
"Resulting Form": "P95400_W95400E"

This tells me that there is a set of circumstances around the input data that deviates from the sequence you set up in your form request, and it doesn't know what to do.