Security by Job Description


We are in the middle of implementing OneWorld Security. JDE recommends that
you secure *ALL and then open up programs/reports as needed. However, this
can be very time consuming.

Does anyone have a general OneWorld security implementation chart/list by
employee job description?

Jeremy Tiss
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If you go at the JDEList's Downloads site:
you will be able to get the "Security Settings by Program and User Groups Spreadsheet Contributed by David Mallory All Versions".
Let's thank him, again, for his precious and time saving contribution!
Adrian Chimirel

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 805
RS/6000, Citrix, 200+ clients

As noted by Adrian, you can get the security setup we had about a year ago
at Denver Water on the jdelist web site. This covers GL, AP, FA, Job cost,
Purchasing, Inventory. I can send you a newer one with the 7332 objects and
refinements if you want. Send me an e-mail at [email protected].

It is interesting that JDE says "use *ALL=No." We had Howard Clodfelter
(security wiz from JDE) come talk to us about security in 1998 and he said
"Do not use *ALL=No, you will lock out people from too many things, it is
too hard."

We are using *ALL= No. Yes it takes more work. On the other hand, there are
so many programs out there, if you do not do it that way, you do not really
know what people are accessing. We put up *ALL=yes and had to change about
40 objects in Security Workbench when people squawked. Not too bad. You
could start with *ALL =Yes if you want to get up and going with a limited
list of objects in Security Workbench, then add a more comprehensive list of
objects to Security Workbench over a period of weeks and then reset to
*ALL=No when you are confident you will not shut people down. This would be
a nice middle ground.

Dave Mallory Denver Water Denver Colorado USA