Secured Content message on Forum


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With the latest upgrade to the forum, I now get a "Only secured content is displayed" popup on every screen. It's pretty annoying. Anyone know how to get rid of it?



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I thought I would post an update. I'm not sure if the forum changed back in September or if something in Internet Explorer changed, but I think my answer lies somewhere there. I had been using IE 11 in the past and back around the time I posted this in September the forum suddenly had a very dramatic change to its look and feel. I posted this question. Today I was trying to update my profile and while I could see my profile I had no options to change anything. I was thinking about posting a question about how you update your profile now when I thought, lets see if the same thing happens in Chrome. Sure enough, I go over to Chrome and everything is great over there. Looks a lot like it used to and I was able to update my profile.


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The only change that JDELIST has made for some time is that we changed to HTTPS for all pages and deprecated TLS 1.1. I was unable to duplicate the problem in IE11.
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