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Hello All,

Does anybody know how to scroll a grid to a given row and select the row? I know how to use the GetGridRow system function to find the row number I want, but I cannot find any way of bringing that row to the user's attention. I don't want to hide the other rows; I just want to scroll the row into view if it is not visible, and I want to select it.

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If anyone else is interested, I found a hack that does this:

Insert a new row at the location you with to scroll to. Then delete it. The fow you wanted is now selected. It is a ghastly hack, but it works transparently.

There seems to be no "nice" way to scroll to a row.



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Hi John,

Your solution is great. Would you tell us on which OW version and SP level have you done it further on what type of form(s). Thanks.

Eric & Support,
Would you please copy John's post to the "Tips & Traps" board?


P.S.: Another guy on the other XE Forum also started to collect and to share tips. Would be great to move his tips also to the "Tips and Traps". Thanks in advance.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
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